Education foundation to host competition on Dec. 17

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Education foundation to host competition on Dec. 17

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The SISD Education Foundation will sponsor a talent show held in the Performing Arts Center on Dec. 17. 

  “We had 30 individuals/groups sign up,” Public Information Officer Emily Birdwell said. “This was open to the community so all ages are welcome.” 

  The talent show requires a contestant’s act to be five minutes or less. Anyone who has yet to RSVP for their spot should contact [email protected] to get it set up.

    Intermission fees for young children (4 years old and younger) are free, Students (K-12) will be $5, and the general public will be $10. Those  who choose to RSVP for the VIP section will be $20. 

   Birdwell said the foundation encouraged anyone with any type of talent to submit an act.

  Prizes for the winner will vary, and the judges will be a panel of community members. 

  Several from the high school will perform in the show.

  “At the moment I will be performing ‘Brooklyn’ by Van Halen,” teacher James Yeager said. “I really like the song, and I missed singing. I was in a band, so I missed the feeling of everyone watching me.” 

  For sophomore Samantha Gutierrez, it is all about showing creativity along with talent. 

  “I will be singing the song ‘Brand New Key,’ while roller skating,” Gutierrez said. “When I was at swimming practice we were doing lunges, and I saw a hula hoop, so I started hula hooping while doing lunges. My swim coach said I should do something crazy for the talent show, so I decided to do this.” 

  The stage will be more than a venue for showing off talent for sophomore Moises Ybaben Burciaga; he wants to express his passion for singing. 

  “I will be singing ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran,” Ybaben Burciaga said. “The song tells a story, and I want to make a person feel that story.” 

  For the Webb sisters, performing with someone makes it more memorable, especially if it’s family. 

  “I will be singing with my sister, [sophomore] Ember, and the song is called ‘Tonight You Belong to Me’,” freshman Cloe Webb said. “My sister and I have always sung together, but this is the one song we can actually harmonize to.” 

  Singing and dancing will not be the only showcased talents. 

  “I will be trick roping,” freshman Jake Emig said. “It’s something I love to do, and I’m reallly good at it.” 

  The prospect of more people who want to participate could determine the length of the show, but currently, Birdwell said the PAC is reserved from 5-9 p.m. Monday.

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