PAGETURNER–Book of M is dystopian surprise

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During the summer, I picked up The Book of M by Peng Shepherd at Barnes & Noble. I thought the cover looked superb and the plot sounded unique. I was a bit skeptical before making my purchase because I’ve never been a fan of dystopian fantasy stories. I always grow bored while reading them. However, this book surprised me in the best and worst possible ways.

  The Book of M is about a group of ordinary people trying to survive the Forgetting, a plague that strips victims of their shadows and grants them supernatural abilities at the price of all their memories. The main protagonists are Max and Ory, a married couple who seek shelter in an abandoned hotel while looking for a cure after Ory falls victim to the Forgetting.

I was impressed in how Shepherd managed to tell a structured story in her debut novel. The story itself is enough to stand out from the crowded field of fantasies, but nothing stands out more than her characters. I honestly thought Max and Ory would be the generic over-the-top romantic couple I’ve seen in several other books, but they weren’t. They had their own distinct personalities and were capable of on their own merits. 

  The only criticism I have is that the book starts off a little slowly. I understand that a writer needs to introduce the reader to the characters, setting, and so forth, but pages upon pages of information shoved  in the reader’s face so early is too much.

The Book of M is a fascinating read that makes her an author to watch for. However, if you’re not a fan of dystopia, fantasy, or even romance for that matter, this might not be the book for you.

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