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Ainslee Harvey
My philosophy of life is that if you want something, don't let anything stop you. Life is so short so live, don't just exist.

My superpower, I would say, is probably perseverance because no matter what happens, I will fight my hardest and get back up.

My kryptonite is mostly likely my stubbornness because when I set my mind to it, I intend to succeed.

My favorite fictional hero is Wonder Woman because I love mythology, and Wonder Woman actually has a lot to do with Greek mythology. Plus, she is the major female superhero in the DC universe, not to mention her powers are awesome, and I would love to have them.

On the subject of my favorite real-life superhero is Emma Watson, not because of her Harry Potter movies but because she is very politically and socially aware and is a social rights activist who is trying to make progress in today's world.

Just a few fun facts about m--I'm one of the biggest book nerd to ever exist. My favorite color is dark purple, and my favorite flowers are roses and sunflowers.

The End.

Ainslee Harvey, Staff Writer/Artist

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Ainslee Harvey