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Shelby Thurmond

Shelby Thurmond, Photographer

It's my first year in photography , I’m so excited for this school year. 

This year I'm a sophomore. My favorite color is blue, and I also like the color purple.

My favorite animal is a panda. My spirit animal is either a panda or a wolf, not really sure. 

 I have four dogs, a guinea pig and a bunny--that's a total of six animals at my house.

I have three brothers and two  sisters--that's a total of five siblings, but  three of them are step while two of them are blood siblings.

 I love to do art in my free time or whenever I can, even though I'm not the best at drawing. I love to design things, like interior design or flower design. 

 I love animals--my family calls me the animal whisperer or the dog whisperer because animals usually love me right off the bat.

I’m a shy, quiet person, but I do talk when I get comfortable with the people around me. 

I love to help people out the best  can. I will tell you the truth, and I will give you my opinions. I'm not scared to.  

I'm 5 feet, 1 inch tall, and I’m probably not going to get any taller than I am.


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Shelby Thurmond