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Maddie Elliott

Maddie Elliott, Staff Writer

My family calls me Mads. I think way too many people are called Maddie, anyway.

I just moved to Seminole from Lubbock, but I’m excited to see what this town’s all about. 

Jay Z once said, “Nobody's built like you, you design yourself." 

I’ll tell you how I’ve designed myself. My life’s motto is that "Social standards are overrated," so I try to live up to my own standards instead.

I feel happiest when I’m playing sports, on a run, or listening to music. I’m also passionate about cooler, more important things, like astrology, and being the best version of myself.

Above anything though, I love my family, my friends back in Lubbock, and sometimes I love my Siamese kitten, Apollo. 

I could go on about myself, but I think that's a good picture of who I am. Thanks for dropping by to read about me. <3


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Maddie Elliott