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Josilyn Wilkerson

Josilyn Wilkerson, Staff Writer

I’m not an interesting person. I moved from Utah in 2014 to Texas. I have a love of journalism, but more for photojournalism. Photography is my thing. I love the colors in the pictures. Well, I’ll stop talking about how colors show how people feel and things like that.

Other than photography my life is pretty boring. I’m in A cappella and golf. I have five siblings--two sisters and three brothers. One of my brothers is a freshman  at the high school.  Another brother just graduated from Seminole High School.

Fun fact about me: my older brother are I are adopted. My dad just adopted us in 2019 right before the pandemic.

That pretty much sums up my whole life. It may not be interesting, but, hey no one is perfect.


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Josilyn Wilkerson