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Allie Deleon--Staff Writer

Allie Deleon--Staff Writer

This is my third year in journalism and second year as a staff member. I look forward to coming to this class because I've always enjoyed writing. This class has given me so much experience. I have learned so much in my 3 years of taking this class. Being a staff member and helping out with the yearbook and newspaper are always so fun–just being behind the scenes and seeing everything before it gets put in. Interviewing the students has always been my favorite part. Coming up with the questions and asking them has made me a better writer and has given me better communication skills. Journalism has always been something I enjoy because I love writing, and I hope one day to be able to interview and write about celebrities. 


Here are some things I would love for you to know about me: I'm a senior this year which is soooo scary, but I'm excited. I can't wait to graduate.When they say high school goes by fast they aren't lying–it literally flew by. I like to laugh. I LOVE to laugh actually. When I do laugh, I tend to snort. Yup snort. I have always hated that I did, but I've learned to love it because it's something that makes my laugh a little different.


 I have a dog. He is two years old, and his name is Ace. I got Ace two years ago when he was just a puppy. All my friends love to think that he's big and mean, but in reality he's the biggest baby you'll ever meet. I'm also allergic to dogs and cats and any animal with saliva and fur. But I take my allergy medicine so I can be next to my dog because I love him so much. My favorite musical artist is Harry Styles. I have been a fan of his ever since One Direction. You can make fun of me all you want. You can’t say you never had a One Direction phase. He is a big inspiration to me because he expresses himself and doesn’t let anyone bring him down. My favorite song of his would have to be “Daylight”. It's part of his new album.


 I'm the biggest people pleaser you'll ever meet. I have a problem with wanting to please everyone I meet. I'm working on it, but I can't help but want everyone to like me. 


The word I chose was acceptability. This word relates to me because I like to think of myself as a very accepting person. I love and accept people for who they are because everyone is free to be who they want. This word means a lot to me because I would want someone to welcome me with open arms no matter the occasion. Acceptability is a trait I think everyone should have.

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Allie Deleon--Staff Writer