Jennings qualifies for state powerlifting


State qualifier– Senior Kwinton Jennings and Coach Call Barnard celebrate after Jennings qualified for state on March 13. He lifted a total of 1,600 pounds

Senior Kwinton Jennings qualified for the state powerlifting meet in super heavyweight division at the region meet in Sundown on March 13.

Jennings took third place lifting a total weight of 1,600 pounds. Jennings would have competed at the state meet in Abilene on March 19, but that meet has been suspended due to Covid-19 pandemic measures.

Individual regional results

165-pound division–senior Devin Doerksen–4th (squat 475 pounds, bench 240 pounds, deadlift 470 pounds = 1,185 pounds); junior Gabriel Zubiate–7th (squat 435 pounds, bench 235 pounds, deadlift 415 pounds = 1,085 pounds)

198-pound division–senior Damon Casarez-5th (squat 535 pounds, bench 285 pounds, deadlift 470 pounds = 1,290 pounds)

242-pound division–junior Irvin Delgado–7th (squat 525 pounds, bench 280 pounds, deadlift 500 pounds = 1,305 pounds)

275-pound division–junior Caleb Alexander–8th (squat 545 pounds, bench 310 pounds, deadlift 480 pounds = 1,335 pounds)

Super heavyweight division–Jennings–3rd (squat 675 pounds, bench 385 pounds, deadlift 540 pounds = 1,600 pounds)