YOUR VIEW: What you are saying about vaping

“I feel like it’s something used for a popularity type thing; not many people realize how harmful it is for your health”

-junior Aryn Wade 


“I don’t care for vaping. Here’s how I see it, if you choose to shorten your life with something harmful that isn’t necessary rather than being able to live a long fulfilled life that’s on you.”

         -freshman Jayden Pedroza


“I’m against vaping because I know our lungs aren’t supposed to get wet and water isn’t supposed to be there so why put something that’s harmful in my body?”

  -senior Garrett Currie


“I get money from my parents, I barely get enough to eat for the week. I feel like people’s money could be spent a lot better than having to continuously buy pods because of an addiction.”

     -sophomore Esmeralda Castillo